Usage: ACCESS #<room> <nick>

Use the access command to find out what access level you or another user has to a registered room.

ChanServ will return one of the following values:
7 Identified as founder of the room by the room's password.
6 Identified to the founder's nick.
5 Matches an entry in the access list of the founder's nick.
0 Normal User
-1 AKICKed user

/msg chanserv access #conferenceroom jimmy

This command is useful to determine what level of power someone has in a room. It can only be used by someone who has UOP access or higher. As a UOP or higher, you can use it as a quick way to check whether someone is akicked. This can be useful if they are having problems joining, but you're not sure why. Anyone can use it to check their own access on the room, if the command goes through, you see your access, if it does not you know you are either 0 or -1. Then if you can join you are 0, if you get kicked out after joining, you are akicked. UOPs and higher can also use it to check the access level of another op, if they need an AKICK set, they may want to see if a fellow op is an SOP.