Usage: AKICK #<room> <ADD|DEL|LIST|WIPE> <mask>

SOPs and the founder of the room can add and delete AKICKs. If a user matches an entry in your room's akick list, he is immediately kicked and banned from the room. The WIPE command will clear out the entire AKICK list. Only the founder may use the wipe command. UOPs and above may use the list command to see the current AKICKs.

ADD - Add a user to a room's AKICK list.
DEL - Remove a user from a room's AKICK list.
LIST - List the AKICK list entries.
WIPE - Clear all the AKICK list entries

/msg chanserv akick #support del *!user@domain.com
/msg chanserv akick #support wipe

This command is an important part of room security. It allows you to remove troublesome users. It should not be used lightly though, as it will generally require keeping innocent users out as well. Since people online can only be recognized by IP address and most people use dialup connections, all users from a big ISP may look the same. However, UOPs and higher will not be kicked out of the room even if they match an akick.