Usage: AOP #<room> [ADD|DEL|LIST|WIPE] <nick|mask>

AOPs have the third level of access in a room. Only an SOP or the founder can add or delete an AOP or wipe the entire list. UOPs or higher can use the list command to see the current AOPs.

ADD - Add a user to a room's AOP list.
DEL - Remove a user from a room's AOP list.
LIST - View the AOP list entries.
WIPE - Remove all AOP list entries.

/msg chanserv aop #support add theri
/msg chanserv aop #support del *user@*
/msg chanserv aop #support wipe

AOPs can always op themselves in a room. They have all of the powers of VOPs (see VOPs below), plus they can change modes or op/voice other people in the room. There are several abilities that can be set to be usable by AOPs, depending on the founder's desires. Most rooms will allow AOPs to send memos to the room. Topics may be locked to AOP or above.

Only people who are trusted should be added to the AOP list. While they do not have the power to do permanent damage, they cannot edit any of the room's lists or settings, they do have the ability to make the room unusable until another AOP is able to fix it. At times an SOP may be needed to sort out conflicts between AOPs.

All ops should be added by nick unless there is a specific need to add them by mask. Adding by nick allows for additional security and grants more privileges. For example, an op added by mask cannot receive memos sent to the room.