Usage: SOP #<room> [ADD|DEL|LIST|WIPE] [<entry>]

SOps have the second highest level of control in a room. They can add and delete AOPs and AKICKs in addition to all of the AOP commands. The founder is the only one who can add or delete an SOP. The WIPE command will clear out the entire SOP list. You can delete a user by entering the number value besides his nickname when you do a list on the SOP list for the room.

ADD - Add a user to a room's SOP list.
DEL - Remove a user from a room's SOP list.
LIST - List the SOPs for the room.
WIPE - Clear the SOP list of all entries

/msg chanserv sop #conferenceroom add Samurai
/msg chanserv sop #conferenceroom del Samurai
/msg chanserv sop #conferenceroom del *user@*
/msg chanserv sop #conferenceroom wipe
/msg chanserv sop #conferenceroom list

SOPs should be chosen very carefully since they manage all of the other staff in the room. A room will generally not require a large SOP list. Most of the people who will actually be looking after the room can be AOPs.