Usage: UOP #<room> <ADD|DEL|LIST|WIPE> [<entry>]

UOPs have the fifth highest level of access in a room. Only SOPs or higher may use WIPE, ADD and DEL. UOPs or above may use LIST. UOPs will be moded +u when they join the room. They will be able to receive memos sent to that room, as well as be able to enter even if the room is restricted. UOPs can use count, why, acc, access and see the room's lists. Please note: There is a limit of 250 users that can be added to each list..

ADD - Add a user to a room's UOP list.
DEL - Remove a user from a room's UOP list.
LIST - List the UOPs for a room.
WIPE - Clear the UOP list of all entries.

/msg chanserv uop #webchat ADD Trab
/msg chanserv uop #webchat DEL 2
/msg chanserv uop #webchat LIST
/msg chanserv uop #webchat WIPE

UserOps do not have much ability in a room. Basically, user ops are a part of the room, but they have no authority. They can enter unless banned, but they cannot change any modes. You might want to add UOPs if you often send memos to the room and you want to include these people in those memos, without giving them much power. You also would want to add UOPs if you wish to set up a restricted room, so you can let them join without giving them power.