Usage: MOVE <memo number(s)> <folder>

This command will allow you to move a memo from a memo folder to another memo folder. For example, you would like to keep a memo you received from a friend, however you'd like it in your FRIEND folder rather than your INBOX folder. You could use the MOVE command to move the selected memo there. If you didn't yet have a FRIEND folder, you could create one with the create command. You can move more than 1 memo at a time. e.g.: /MS MOVE 2-4 Jenn will move 2,3 and 4 to 'Jenn' a folder called Jenn. You cannot move folders into the RECYCLER, use the del command instead.

/msg memoserv move 1 SYSTEM
/msg memoserv move 1-4 FRIEND
/msg memoserv move 1,3 SYSTEM

Use this command to organize your memos. Ideally you should keep unread memos in your INBOX folder, then the ones you want to keep, either permanently with the keep command or temporarily, you should move to a personal folder you create. This way you can read through new memos easily, while still being able to hold and quickly find memos you want to reference.