Usage: SENDTO <room> <level> [MTOPIC <topic> MBODY] <message>

This command allows you to send a memo to registered nicknames in a specified room list. You can attach a topic to the memo by using MTOPIC and specifying the topic, followed by MBODY and the body of the message.

MTOPIC Usage: SENDTO <room> <level> [MTOPIC <topic> MBODY] <message>

MTOPIC allows you to set a topic for your memo.

MBODY Usage: SENDTO <room> <level> [MTOPIC <topic> MBODY] <message>

You must use the MBODY command to specify the end of the topic and the start of the memo.

/msg memoserv sendto #webchat vop Hello guys
/msg memoserv sendto #webchat aop,vop Hello guys
/msg memoserv sendto #webchat sop
/msg memoserv sendto #webchat sop MTOPIC meeting MBODY The meeting was moved to 2:00 instead of 1:30.