Usage: ACCESS [ADD|DEL|LIST|WIPE] [<mask>]

This command is used to add, delete and list access masks. If a user matches an entry in the access list, he/she won't need to identify to use the nick. The person will have acc level 1. If protect is set on, you will still be able to use the nick without identifying, provided you match a mask in the access list.

ADD - Add a mask to a user's access list
DEL - Remove a mask from a user's access list
LIST - List the user's access list entries
WIPE - Clear the access list of all entries

/msg nickserv access del philw@*
/msg nickserv access add philw@*
/msg nickserv access wipe Phillip
/msg nickserv access list

If you have a static ip address, you should definitely add an access list entry for it. If your address varies, you need to consider what level of security and convenience you want. But you can always add or remove masks if you change your mind.