Usage: AKILL <add|del|[-]> <hostmask> [<reason>] [<time>]

This command will add, list or delete an autokill from services. The format of an akill is ident@host. However, if your akill affects more than 20% of the users on the network, you will need to ask a root to place the akill for you. If you do not specify a time the akill will be removed within 30 minutes by services. Only Csops and Roots can place permanent akills. The format for a permanent akill is ident@host reason PERM.

/msg operserv akill pirch@*.oricom.ca spamming 60
/msg operserv akill *@home.oricom.ca spam PERM
/msg operserv akill -pirch@*.oricom.ca
/msg operserv akill add pirch@123.213.123.* clones 15
/msg operserv akill del pirch@*.oricom.ca
/msg operserv akill list
/msg operserv akill wipe

Akills are network bans. They will prevent anyone who matches their description from joining the chat network. They should be added as necessary to ban users who have been causing problems, but in almost all cases they will also ban innocent people from the same service provider. This is why most bans should be temporary. People who cause serious problems should be reported to their service providers with logs explaining what they have been doing.