Many of the OperServ commands are listed in the OperServ help files however they are issued with different services agents such as NickServ or ChanServ, the reason why they are listed under OperServ is because you need OperServ access to issue these commands. OperServ access levels are Services Administrator also referred to as SA, ChanServ Super Op aka CSop, and root administrator.

CLOSE - Prevent a room from being used, it will expire normally.
DROP - Drop a registered room.
FTRANSFER - Transfer ownership of a registered room to a specified nick.
GETPASS - Show the password for a registered room .
INFO - Show info on a registered room.
LIST - Show rooms that match a selected value.
MARK - Set a room so that it can't be getpassed or setpassed.
REGISTER - Register a room without being an op on it.
REOPEN - Reverse the close command so the room can be used.
SETPASS - Set the password for a registered room.
UNIDENTIFY - Make chanserv forget your identification for a room.
WIPE - Delete all entries to a list for a room.

/msg operserv help chanserv close