Usage: CHANSERV CLOSE <room> [<reason>] [<days>|PERM]

This command allows you to "close" a room. When a room is closed, no one can enter it and the founder cannot identify to it. The room will expire normally, but its registration information is retained in memory in case you reopen the room before it expires. The network operator or CSop must have the appropriate flag 'CCLOSE' in order to use this command. Also see the reopen command.

/msg chanserv close #webchat Problem Room PERM

The close command should be used to remove rooms that have been breaking network rules. It can be used either temporarily, as a warning, or permanently. It has the advantage over dropping the room immediately in that it forces people to wait to reregister the room, and gives people warning that the room will become available again. It also allows the decision to be easily reversed before it expires if there is any question as to whether the room should have been closed. If you use PERM the room will not automatically reopen.