Usage: IGNORE [ADD|DEL|LIST|WIPE] [<entry>] [<reason>]

Services has an ignore list which functions similarly to the way a user can ignore another user. If a user matches a mask in the ignore list and attempts to use services, he or she will not get a reply. Ignores do not affect IRC operators.

ADD - Add someone to the ignore list.
DEL - Remove someone from the ignore list.
LIST - List all the entries in the ignore list.
WIPE - Remove all of the entries from the ignore list.

/msg operserv ignore add *!myident@*.webmaster.com services flooding
/msg operserv ignore add Tim!*@* constant services abuse
/msg operserv ignore del Tim!*@*
/msg operserv ignore list
/msg operserv ignore WIPE

Ignores are another way to deal with users who cause problems. It is not quite as harsh as an autokill, because the person can still chat. Yet, it is more confusing to the users affected. If the ignore is kept for a long time then affected users, being unable to identify for nicks or rooms, will lose anything they have registered with services. Since ignores are not set with times, you should keep track of which ignores you set and periodically clean out the ignore list.