Usage: QLINE [ADD|DEL|LIST|WIPE] [<nick>] [<reason>]

Using this command will add a global Qline. A Qline is a nickname that is prohibited on the server or network. Network Operators may use qlined nicks, but regular users cannot. Services will prevent the use of a nickname on the network, unlike the /qline command which is specific to a server.

ADD - Add a QLINE on the network.
DEL - Delete a QLINE on the network.
LIST - List the QLINE entries.
WIPE - Remove all QLINES

/msg operserv qline add oper security
/msg operserv qline del spider
/msg operserv qline list
/msg operserv qline wipe

Qlines should be used to ban nicknames that are either offensive or misleading. Nicks such as "Operator" or "CSop" may be qlined so that normal users do not think that people using those nicks actually are authorities that must be listened to. Other nicks can be prohibited to mirror the profanity filters. Operators can use prohibited nicknames because they are expected to be trustworthy and familiar with when it is appropriate to use such nicks.