Usage: TRIGGER [ADD|DEL|LIST|WIPE] <value> [<host>]

This will set the trigger level for a host. The trigger level determines how many people from the same host are needed to set off a clone alert. To add a permanent trigger level, use the parameter add To add a temporary trigger level on a host do not use add. A temporary trigger lasts for as long as there is someone matching the trigger online. Note, that if a both a PERM and a TEMP trigger are in effect, the TEMP trigger takes precedence, but once the hostcount reaches zero, it is lost. Only Operators with the 'TRIGGER' flag may use this command

ADD - Add a permanent trigger.
DEL - Delete a trigger.
LIST - List the current triggers.
WIPE - Remove all triggers

/os trigger wipe
/os trigger add 15 50 cybecafe
/os trigger list
/os trigger del

Triggers help to keep clone alerts useful. People who are causing problems can be given specific triggers to alert you faster, and hosts that are accidentally setting off clone alerts can be adjusted higher. Clone alerts should always be investigated to determine if they are actually caused by malicious bots. But with time as the triggers become customized, the clone alerts will become more and more accurate.